I trained as an archaeologist with a particular focus on the Anglo-Saxon and later medieval periods in England. I have been involved in excavations at a wide range of sites, including work at an Anglo-Saxon ceremonial site in Oxfordshire and a Roman settlement in Cambridgeshire. Fieldwork outside the UK has included the excavation of a Bronze Age settlement site above the River Danube in Hungary and a study of the seasonality of a Palaeolithic site in Croatia.

I was a member of a team undertaking a survey of rock art in the Algerian Sahara, which was aimed at looking at the changes to the corpus of the rock art over the last few decades of the twentieth century, as well as threats to the survival of the artefacts.


I have also undertaken considerable work into the settlement of the South Saxon kingdom in the early Anglo-Saxon periods. I have a particular interest in the South Saxon kingdom (approximately the area of modern Sussex) and have made a study of the surviving Anglo-Saxon sculpture there. My work has included an analysis of the spatial distribution of remaining artefacts and also an analysis of schools of sculpture in the area. My work has also included a study of the form and content of surviving pieces, with one published article detailing the Scandinavian influences in the surviving Anglo-Saxon sculpture of Sussex (Sussex Archaeological Collections, 2009).


 I am an active member of the Shropshire Archaeological and Historical Society, the Kingston upon Thames Archaeological Society and the Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology.